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Clinical Supervision

What is Supervision?

Supervision offers a supportive, mentoring and learning environment in which a practitioner has space to reflect and re-examine sessions with clients. In doing so we explore unconscious implications of clinical interventions, the therapeutic relationship, ethical dilemmas, blind spots and the impact of the institutional/ contextual settings on client work.

Supervision is the ability to conceptualise clinical material and apply appropriate interventions. It identifies transference and counter transference issues. It develops an awareness of ethical and professional standards and identifies professional strengths, weaknesses and training needed and provides an opportunity for growth.
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Why is Supervision needed?

Most professional bodies require counsellors and psychotherapists to be in supervision.

Supervision creates the space for a counsellor or psychotherapist to think, allowing them to consider their patients and their practice with another therapist who can help them develop in their professional practice.

Supervision is needed to protect patients. It involves a third party who helps the therapist to consider the patient's needs with a more experienced practitioner. It reduces the risk of a serious oversight and offers the patient the security of knowing their therapist is working to agreed standards.

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